Salmon fishcake with chives sauce and spinach

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I hope that you have enjoyed of the weekend. Today here in the United Kingdom it is the day of the father and I have prepared to eat a few delicious stewed lentils of the first plate and of principal plate have done the famous fish cake of salmon that so much there likes Manuel, my husband.

The today recipe is exquisite and different, we will do a few individual pastry of potato with chive, mustard and salmon that they are of death.

To follow(continue) the recipe stepwise and already you will see that well it(he,she) is going to go out for you.

Important things to bearing in mind:

1. The salmon we must roast it in the oven, without skin(leather) and without thorns(bones) (clean loins).

2. The potatoes to cook them with the skin(leather) in water with a pinch of salt.

3. It is very important that once cooked you drain the potatoes very well and to peel them in warmly and to spend(pass) them rapidly

4. The parsley and the chive to puncture it very well!!

We go with the recipe, I hope that you me like so much like.


Salmón fishcakes with chives sauce and spinach
Serves 6
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
20 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
20 min
To prepare the fishcakes
  1. 350 gr clean salmon of skin(leather) and thorns(bones) in an alone chunk
  2. 250 gr cooked potato (400 gr potato aprox).
  3. 1 spring onion, the white part chopped
  4. 3 c.s.leaves parsley chopped
  5. 1 c.s. sauce worcestershire
  6. 15 gr mustard Savora
  7. A few drops of tabasco
  8. Salt and white pepper of mil
  9. 350 gr spinach baby
  10. Olive oil
  11. Salt
For the cream of chive
  1. A bunch of chive chopped
  2. 300 ml doble cream 32 % M.G
  3. A few leaves (sheets) of parsley and stalks
  4. Salt and black pepper of mill.
To tarnish
  1. Flour
  2. 2 eggs
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. Oil of sunflower for fry
  1. The first thing that we must do is to roast the salmon with little oil, salt and pepper to 180ºC during 10 minutes.
  2. It is very important not to roast too much the fish, must stay in his point.
  3. To withdraw of the oven and to stop to cool.
  4. Meanwhile the potatoes cook (all of the same size) with the skin(leather) in water and salt.
  5. Once cooked to drain the water, to peel and to spend(pass) them in warmly for the mixer.
  6. To puncture very well the parsley and the chive.
  7. To arrange in a bowl the vegetables, to add the mash of potato, the mustard, the sauces and the half of the salmon before crumbled with help of two holders.
  8. To mix very well and to design of salt and of pepper. To add the rest of the crumbled salmon and to mix rapidly.
  9. The hoops fill chosen (6 cm of diameter x 4 cm of high place) with the mash of salmon.
  10. Reserve the fishcakes in the fridge minimum 2 hours before breading.
  11. At this moment the fishcakes remain covered well with film be transparent for 2 days in the fridge!!.
  12. To stop preparing the fishcakes of salmon breading (flour, egg and breadcrumbs).
  13. To reserve them in the freeze until the hour of serving.
  14. The spinach to attack baby(smock) in a frying pan with olive oil and to add little salt.
  15. To prepare the sauce to put all the ingredients in a ladle to the fire.
  16. To stop to boil to average fire during 20 minutes. The scum must reduce to the half.
  17. In this moment to crush the sauce, to seep and to add a few drops of juice of lemon.
  18. If the sauce was remaining very thick you can lighten it with a bit of fumet of fish.
  19. At the moment of serving fry the fishcake in abundant oil of sunflower (In the fryer if you have).
  20. When they are golden to withdraw of the oil and to slip.
  21. In the base of the plate to arrange the attacked spinach, in the center to place the cake and cover lightly with a bit of cream of chive.
Adapted from The Ivy
Adapted from The Ivy
Catering Iria Castro




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