Puff salmon with fennel compote and cold yogurt cream

This recipe for salmon in puff pastry is so rich that it is ideal to serve on special occasions !!

Buy a fresh salmon with a good thickness and you will see how juicy it will be with the fennel compote and the herb butter.

We will serve it with a cream of yogurt, mayonnaise and mustard, my goodness, what a delight !!!!


Puff salmon with fennel compote and cold yogurt cream
Serves 4
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
45 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
45 min
To prepare the salmon
  1. 4 salmon loins skinless and boneless from the central part of the loin of approx 140g
  2. Salt
  3. Black peppercorns
  4. 2 puff pastry sheets
For the fennel compote
  1. 1 fennel bulb (280g approx)
  2. 40 g butter
  3. salt and black peppercorns
For the herb butter
  1. 4 c.s. very chopped herbs (parsley, fennel, basil, chervil ...)
  2. 40 g butter
  3. lemon zest
For the cold yogurt cream
  1. 175g greek yogurt
  2. 30 g mayonnaise
  3. 25 g Savora mustard or Dijon mustard
  4. the juice of 1/2 lemon
  5. salt and black pepper
  1. Preheat the oven to 190ºC.
  2. Roll out half of the puff pastry and form 4 rectangles (see video). Arrange the puff pastry on a cookie sheet and bake for 12 minutes.
  3. Withdraw and reserve.
  4. Prepare the fennel compote by cutting it very finely. In a frying pan melt the butter, add the fennel and sauté very well for 15 minutes. It should not take color, it should be poached. Add salt, mill pepper and set aside.
  5. Prepare the butter cream by chopping the aromatic herbs very well, add the lemon zest and mix with the butter at room temperature (see video).
  6. Prepare the yogurt cream by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl.
  7. At the time of finishing the salmon, place the salmon on the baked puff pastry, on top the aromatic butter cream, the fennel compote and finish with a layer of UNBAKED puff pastry a little larger than the puff pastry on the base.
  8. Paint with beaten egg and bake at 190ºC for 25 minutes.
  9. Serve the salmon warm with the cold cream of yogurt.
Catering Iria Castro

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