Salad of fresh pasta with prawns, shavings of Parmesan and oil of carrot

Good days!

Today I want to begin the day sharing this so good and special recipe for my with all of you.

Well, this recipe is the easiest to do and is of note. Things to bearing in mind:
1. The pasta you can buy. Now they sell very good pastas and you you avoid very much mess. My I like much the brand Cipriani of pastas(cash).
2. The Boletus Edulis is ideal for this pasta. You them can buy frozen but it is important that they are entire. Do not buy them in chunks to do the salad because once defrosted they will remain very ugly. You must buy  always points and once defrosted, clean and dry, to cut them in chunks.
2. If you do not find the Boletus Edulis use the mushroom that more you like.
3. It is very important to sweeten the carrot to low temperature (the oil cannot boil ever). You must cook it in a ladle small and covered with the oil. If you need to add a bit more of oil do it, then at the moment of crushing you do not put everything and already it(he,she) is.
4. Cook the pasta in water (for 1 liter of water – 10 gr go out). The better thing is the pasta does not refresh but if not the vais to serving in the moment to cook it, to refresh her and to reserve it in the icebox with a few drops of oil until the hour of using.
5. Use bicarbonate providing that you cook green leaves (vegetables), of this one this way they will not lose the color and will remain beautiful. (Cooked vegetable)

I think that with this it is quite, now to cooking and to enjoying of the weekend.


Salad of fresh pasta with prawns, shavings of Parmesan and oil of carrot
Serves 4
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
For the salad of prawns
  1. 20 prawns.
  2. 320 grs fresh pasta
  3. 30 grs of brown pine nuts
  4. 120 grs of fungi or varied mushrooms.
  5. 100 grs beans baby(smock) peeled.
  6. Salt and white pepper.
  7. 4 spring oignon
  8. chive seeds of dried fruits toasted
Oil of carrot
  1. 200 ml olive oil aprox
  2. 3 big carrots.
  3. Juice of lemon.
  4. Salt and white pepper.
  1. To prepare the oil of carrots putting to the fire the carrot cut in thin tracks.
  2. To cover with olive oil and to stop to sweeten to very slow fire during 45 minutes.
  3. It is very important that the carrot does not take anything of color, hereby we will still have the oil of carrot with a very nice color!.
  4. In the moment in that the carrot this one sweetened to separate it of the fire and to allow that it( should lose temperature during 10 minutes.
  5. To crush very well and to seep. To add a few drops of juice of lemon and to season. To guard in the fredge in order that it takes body.
  6. To attack the fungi or chosen mushrooms cut in unequal chunks with little olive oil. To ripen.
  7. Toast the pine nuts in the microwave to half a power without anything of oil and when they are gilded to separate and to reserve.
  8. Whiten the peeled beans 1 minute in boiled water with bicarbonate and salt.
  9. Cook the fresh pasta of spinach in boiled water and go out during 3 minutes. Separete and refresh in cold water if is not going to be served in this moment!.
  10. At the moment of serving to attack the pasta with the spring oignons diced and a little of oil. Add the mushroom, the beans and to mix fondly.
  11. Cook the prawns to the plate peeled but with rind in the tail.
  12. To arrange the pasta in the center of a plate and to finish the plate arranging the prawns, pine nuts ,the shavings of Parmesan, the oil of carrot and pips of gourd ending with the varied seeds (toasts, pipes of sunflower ...).
  13. To dust chive and salt Maldon above.
Adapted from Cabo Mayor
Adapted from Cabo Mayor
Catering Iria Castro

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